Monday, December 14, 2009

O Tannenbaum

So this is a time of cheer, a time to be near; to family, friends, and loved ones.  Also a time to decorate the place you live with decorations and ornaments to remind us of the spirit of the Christmas season. Most normal people buy a fake tree, or cut a tree from a tree farm. Then they bring it to their residence and place some decorations and lights on it and make it fit their style or taste of their ideal Christmas. I've always had an apartment, haven't had many decorations, haven't had much space for a large tree. So I haven't acquired many of the decorations and lights for Christmas time. I had three strands of lights, green, red, and white; their most famous use for was a party I had four years ago at the beginning of December. One of the best memories that ended up being the beginning of so many more.  Anyway, I basically have no other decorations for a tree. I always wanted a modern, chic, interesting tree but I didn't want to spend a lot of money this year on decorations or a tree because I'd rather spend that money giving presents to others.  So what's a guy like me to do for a tree?  I needed to come up with something fast because I've been preoccupied.  Well, why not build a tree?  I used all reused items I have laying around. I've changed a lot of things around here so I had some things that I could put to use. It's not exactly super chic because I busted it out very quickly, but it gets the job done, I spent a total of $2 to get a plug, and it brings some Christmas cheer.  Its pseudo modern in its shape, definitely industrial in nature. This was something fun to do Hopefully this shows that you don't have to buy everything at a store, with some creativity and some ambition you can make something out of nothing.  Some of the best decorations or gifts are the ones you put some love and/or work into, remember that when you are giving someone a gift this year!

2x4's, framing nails, green vinyl covered chain link fence, string, paper, wrapping paper cut into decorations, the lights I had, an old chandelier, wire, and of course I had to use a little bit of duct tape!

follow this link for the pics...
O Tannenbaum Pics

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