Thursday, April 15, 2010

another thursday

Tonight was one of those nights..  I got back to the ranch and hadn't planned on working on it tonight.  I headed over to a local event right across the road at the golf course.  A little food fest, super cheap, great food, and a decent crowd of people. A great night for it.  After that it was back here...  nothing really planned and no real ambition to get into anything.  So the rest of the night was spent in the back yard just hanging out and watching the sun set.  It was a beautiful thursday night here, phenomenal weather that doesn't get much better. I throw on some music and just chill out and of course you can't help but to think about of a lot of things.  Is an exceptional memory a bad or a good thing? Its great I guess when things you remember things that make you laugh, smile and love.  But when those memories make you laugh, smile, and love... and realize all those things aren't around, you start to wish you couldn't remember. Thursday's always remind me of a voice that I still hear all the time, and today's date reminds me of when something great slipped away. I'm making new memories now, but the problem is I can't remember what I did last thursday or last month, so in my mind it must not have been anywhere close to as good...

footnote:  John Mayer is on.  Neon is the song.  And I just realized a line of the song mentions Peachtree Street.  And he mentions something slipping through his hands.  No joke, I wrote this right before the song started, that is some serious divine intervention there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

somethings missing

Quite possibly, something cool that took place here at the house could be taken to the next level. Interesting how something so small and basically just an idea gains momentum and keeps growing and growing. Its cool how things you never thought would amount to much turn into something good for not just yourself, but for everyone around you and people you dont even know.  Things are going really good right now, doing some cool stuff, spending time and having fun with great people, and have some great trips coming up.  The house has been good lately for the impromptu grilling and relaxing with the nice weather, but something is definitely missing...   some voids you can't fill, no matter what you try to replace it with

Sunday, April 11, 2010


well news flash!  I got absolutely nothing accomplished on the house this weekend...  Friday night I went downtown and supported the local arts community, which was an awesome event.  The rest of the weekend was filled with fantastic weather so I was out enjoying it.  And some impromptu grilling of course, putting it to good use.  side note: working on getting the temporary fire pit lined up too!  So maybe this week I will get back on the basement and try and finish up the wiring project.  I have the drill and bit ready to make some more holes to pull wire.  Power tools are fun!   I hope your weekend was good, mine was filled with good family, good friends, and good times.  good times.