Saturday, March 27, 2010

every night...

at the same time, I make the same wish...

Friday, March 26, 2010

turn the light...

most pictures I've taken or have in my archives are worth a thousand words, some of the ones dearest to my heart more, this one is just worth one.  This is the first switch for some lights downstairs, tonight I picked up some wire to run the other switch leads.  Tomorrow I hope to get some more things knocked out down there, if you are around or need something to do, just come on by and give me a hand.  Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of the 'light painting' studio, I know plenty of people want to come back and get more pictures.  What do you think the switches were for? to turn out the lights, not turn them...  well you get the idea.  Hope you had a good friday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring smoke

The last few nights I've been taking a break from the house work.  Just felt like getting some other things done and nothing done all at the same time.  Last night turned out to be a good break.  It was nice out so I figured the first trip of the year to Swenson's was in order.  After that, I swung by DQ to get a tasty treat (any other night it would have been Ro's). Our wonderful admin assistant at work suggested going there since the youth group from her church got a percentage of the proceeds from the evening sales.  I figured I would go support a good cause, and how could I turn down an excuse for a blizzard.  Luckily they weren't doing it at the Ducati dealership or I might have really had a good night.  Then driving back to the ranch I noticed the neighbors were starting a fire, so I pulled in and helped out. Well, it was more of a smokescreen across the road when I first saw it, but after a little work and a trip over here to get some nice dry wood out of the garage we got the fire going.  Kicked back and enjoyed the nice evening around the fire with some good friends.  Like I mentioned the other night, the best of city life and country life all so close, not a bad deal at all.  Its crazy how most of the things that were talked about and hoped for happening here are coming true...   it would be even sweeter if my best friend was here experiencing them with me...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lightning and thunder

Well if you live anywhere near where the house is, last night was the first thunderstorm of 2010. Plenty of crazy lightning and booming thunder went on for quite some time last evening.   Some substantial pouring rain also came down. After helping out a great friend of mine with some computer issues I drove back to the house in the middle of the storm.  The lightning that pierced the clouds was incredible, it was blinding.  I definitely enjoy a good spring thunderstorm, its nice just listening to whats going on.  After I got inside I went to work on some photos for a friend and her boyfriend.  The thunderstorm was a good soundtrack in the background. Thankfully the house held up well, the winter didn't destroy my downspouts so all the water made it away from the house and didn't cause any issues.  It's amazing to me how certain things trigger memories, last night reminded me of good old apartment 5109F.  I remember plenty of spring and summer storms a couple years ago, laying down upstairs with the windows open, relaxing and falling asleep to the sound of the thunderstorm. Those were some great days, after the storm calmed down I couldn't help but to hit play on some JC...  "These are the days I've been missing..."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new moon

And you thought I was talking about that vampire movie. This weekend my good buddy helped me out with some wiring in the basement, most of which will be featured in a future post.  Part of the changes that were made allowed us to reroute the wiring for the pole light near the curb. This light hasn't been working properly since I arrived here.  Since it was a beautiful day outside we took some time to get the light working. After some trial and error we got everything operating and the old skool globe is back on!  The photocell even still works.  Of course we popped a CFL bulb in for some energy efficiency.  Now when you come down the street you will know to hang a left at the moon!  Adds a little curb appeal to the old place.  The light is on, I've been waiting for you, so come on over.