Saturday, November 28, 2009

a break in the light...

I just wanted to take the post today to update on some changes on the blog and take a little intermission on the lighting updates.  As you may have noticed I updated the sidebar a bit to clean things up and also added a "share" button to the blog and the posts.  This will enable you to easily share to bookface and other social networking sites, if you'd like to share something I blog.  Please hold on firmly to your chair, I have finally joined the masses and started social networking.  I know, I just blew your mind.  I've been lame, I know, well I've changed my outlook on it and have started getting on board.  I figured since the blog has been somewhat of a hit (thats what some people have indicated anyway) that I should spread my identity further and share a little more.

Friday, November 27, 2009

light to the other side...

Some more lighting that was changed was in more inconspicuous areas, such as the hallway and entry.  For these areas the existing fixtures were replaced with a single bulb, flying saucer, from Ikea.  Provides good light and doesn't draw attention to areas that don't really need it.  These fixtures are super inexpensive as well, so if you have an apartment or a house and don't want to go crazy but would like to change out some of the fixtures these really are a good buy.  FYI, when you are out buying your compact fluorescent bulbs check out the displays for the lighting color (at the home improvement warehouses).  They finally are making bulbs in a few different color hues for your preference.  Remember they will look different depending on your paint color as well.  I hope your Thanksgiving went well!  Christmas is right around the corner already!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

light is better than darkness...

I mentioned one of the easiest ways to spruce up a place is with some new hardware. Another simple way to make a place feel more modern is by lighting.  And a good place to find some relatively inexpensive fixtures is of course Ikea. Each year they get better and better with selection and styles.  I've had some Ikea fixtures and a few others for quite some time, I bought some for my apartment and have held onto them since. So I cracked open the lighting bins and started pulling out the fixtures.  Above the pseudo bar counter in the kitchen there was a ceiling fan I pulled down.  I mentioned it in a previous post, I attached the image again to illustrate what it was.  To replace that fixture and to bring a little more interest to that part of the kitchen/dining area I have installed a track fixture. I can't begin to describe how difficult it was to install this fixture by myself, the track is kind of stiff and hard to manipulate alone to install.  After awhile the tape was my best friend for the night and did a decent job of holding it in place.  This fixture provides some good light and is a little more aesthetically pleasing to me. Jump = Bunch of Pics

give thanks

Take a minute today to thank God and the people in your life for what you have, and maybe don't have.  You'd be surprised how a little gratitude would mean to your family, friends, and loved ones. Often with the hustle and bustle of a day like this its easy to forget to say thank you. I won't inundate you with my thank you list, cause its a long one.  But thank you for reading this blog, if you tune into it you must care a little bit or be taking something away from it.  If you helped me in any way with this house or anything associated with it, thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving! No pic of a turkey, I thought I had one, but couldn't find it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

let there be light...

The light in the center of the kitchen was a typical 3bulb fixture with a glass moon cover detailed with brass.  To make it a little more inconspicuous I replaced it with a square acrylic lens fixture, fluorescent and again Energy Star.  This light will only really need to be on when you need some extra light for preparing a fantastic meal or baking some cookies, so I wanted it to blend in when its off.  I'll have some other fixtures in the kitchen/dining area that will grab your attention so I didn't want this light to stand out too much. Pics after the jump of course. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

light unto my path...

We'll start this little miniseries with the utility lights and move our way up to the more important ones. The light above the sink was an old dual bulb T8 fixture that almost burnt my hand when I took it out. Last thing I need is another scar, besides one from that light wouldn't be as cool of a story as the scars on my arm.  That thing was obviously burning some serious energy.  I replaced it with a dual bulb T5 fixture, Energy Star rated of course. I should have taken a pic for scale between the two fixtures, the T5 fixture is about 1/3 the size, the whole fixture is the size of one of the old bulbs.  Actually provides more light and I'm sure is way more efficient.  Trying to keep it green as I can within a budget.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the light shines in the darkness...

This post is the preview for a series of posts on the lighting changes that will be taking place this week. Its kind of like a PBS special, the same subject with a little piece, each episode, all week long.  Make sure you follow closely to see whats crackalackin!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

shelter for the transport

I previously mentioned that the garage door had an opener but the remote was missing. And I mentioned I picked up a remote, well I'll be honest I haven't been using it.  It was such a beautiful day today, nice and warm and the sun was shining.  I noticed it cleared up because I saw the moon again tonight, and felt it was getting pretty cool. I looked at the garage and thought why haven't I used it for the car?  So this is the first night the car will be sleeping in the garage. The weather person is predicting some snow on this Friday..  The holidays are approaching fast and winter is coming, making sure the garage door is in working condition before I really should be taking advantage of being blessed with the garage. Worked fine for the first time, we'll see how the morning goes. Pics after the jump.