Friday, November 27, 2009

light to the other side...

Some more lighting that was changed was in more inconspicuous areas, such as the hallway and entry.  For these areas the existing fixtures were replaced with a single bulb, flying saucer, from Ikea.  Provides good light and doesn't draw attention to areas that don't really need it.  These fixtures are super inexpensive as well, so if you have an apartment or a house and don't want to go crazy but would like to change out some of the fixtures these really are a good buy.  FYI, when you are out buying your compact fluorescent bulbs check out the displays for the lighting color (at the home improvement warehouses).  They finally are making bulbs in a few different color hues for your preference.  Remember they will look different depending on your paint color as well.  I hope your Thanksgiving went well!  Christmas is right around the corner already!

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