Monday, August 9, 2010

a dark day

words cant describe the black cloud that came from the east this past weekend...

Monday, April 26, 2010


nope..  just the backyard.  Need to rent a skid steer and start moving dirt to create the green and bunkers out by the trees.  Its about a pitching wedge; yes, I tested it out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

another thursday

Tonight was one of those nights..  I got back to the ranch and hadn't planned on working on it tonight.  I headed over to a local event right across the road at the golf course.  A little food fest, super cheap, great food, and a decent crowd of people. A great night for it.  After that it was back here...  nothing really planned and no real ambition to get into anything.  So the rest of the night was spent in the back yard just hanging out and watching the sun set.  It was a beautiful thursday night here, phenomenal weather that doesn't get much better. I throw on some music and just chill out and of course you can't help but to think about of a lot of things.  Is an exceptional memory a bad or a good thing? Its great I guess when things you remember things that make you laugh, smile and love.  But when those memories make you laugh, smile, and love... and realize all those things aren't around, you start to wish you couldn't remember. Thursday's always remind me of a voice that I still hear all the time, and today's date reminds me of when something great slipped away. I'm making new memories now, but the problem is I can't remember what I did last thursday or last month, so in my mind it must not have been anywhere close to as good...

footnote:  John Mayer is on.  Neon is the song.  And I just realized a line of the song mentions Peachtree Street.  And he mentions something slipping through his hands.  No joke, I wrote this right before the song started, that is some serious divine intervention there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

somethings missing

Quite possibly, something cool that took place here at the house could be taken to the next level. Interesting how something so small and basically just an idea gains momentum and keeps growing and growing. Its cool how things you never thought would amount to much turn into something good for not just yourself, but for everyone around you and people you dont even know.  Things are going really good right now, doing some cool stuff, spending time and having fun with great people, and have some great trips coming up.  The house has been good lately for the impromptu grilling and relaxing with the nice weather, but something is definitely missing...   some voids you can't fill, no matter what you try to replace it with

Sunday, April 11, 2010


well news flash!  I got absolutely nothing accomplished on the house this weekend...  Friday night I went downtown and supported the local arts community, which was an awesome event.  The rest of the weekend was filled with fantastic weather so I was out enjoying it.  And some impromptu grilling of course, putting it to good use.  side note: working on getting the temporary fire pit lined up too!  So maybe this week I will get back on the basement and try and finish up the wiring project.  I have the drill and bit ready to make some more holes to pull wire.  Power tools are fun!   I hope your weekend was good, mine was filled with good family, good friends, and good times.  good times.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After a quick assembly and having to light it with a butane torch the grill is working. So an impromptu party with family and friends took place this evening since the weather was incredible!  Bacon cheddar burgers, cheddar wursts and hot dogs took a maiden voyage...  Some backyard sports and the dogs running around brought some life to this place.  Still have some great friends here as I'm blogging this, its great that this is exactly one of the reasons this place was intended for.  Maybe some some California Chicken topped with Desert Pepper salsa will be the next meal on it, hopefully it will bring something back from the past, it worked well last time to bring people together.  One can hope...

Friday, April 2, 2010

a good friday

Well today is one of those days that are always good to have, the first real warm day of the year. Luckily mine was spent somewhere even warmer.  And even though I was away from the ranch I did (in a round about way) work on something for it.  Since my bro isn't the grillin' type he has given his super duper grill to me!  So I disassembled it and got it ready for the multi-state transport back to the Peachtree. Still figuring out how I'm going to get this in my carry on, so look for a future post on how it works out. This has immediately moved to the top of the 'must do' list.  I definitely enjoyed the 89 degree day and the sunburn I got, finally some pigment so I'm not blinding people.  Gotta run, like I mentioned the other day off to some new adventures. Seems the light painting photos have gathered interest across state lines.  Heading out to an impromptu photo get together to take some pics, meet some new people, and light paint outdoors at night since the weather is awesome!   Hope you had a Good Friday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

past or present?

I've heard a million times lately whats in the past is in the past, its done, its over, you can't change it.  That's true to a point, you can't change it, but is it truly over, is it really done and forgotten?  Is the past merely gone and never to return?  I don't believe it, I can't accept that answer.  This house has plenty that was done in the past, hasn't been touched in years, hasn't been thought about. But everyday I see it, I come across the past here all the time.  Decisions that were made years ago are constantly affecting me and what I need to do.  The crazy wiring, the bizarre framing modifications, the smoke stains that kept coming back again and again.  It would have been a heck of a lot easier to get something new and not have to deal with some of the wacky stuff I've seen here, but the satisfaction and the fun of making into something better than new is all part of the experience and its how you learn and grow. And I'm convinced new isn't always better.  I've asked 'why' a few times, I've bashed my knuckles, I've been brought to tears in frustration, but without those things and more there wouldn't be personal satisfaction from making it right, and everyone noticing and learning that a little TLC can transform something into what no one thought it would be. So I am sticking to my guns, the past quite often is just as much the present, no matter what you tell me. Every day I deal with the past, to me, its so close and real.  I can't escape the past, I wake up with it, I see it all day and I go to sleep with it. I love it and sometimes stresses me all at the same time.  It would just be better to me if the good parts of the past could be brought to the present, heck I'll even take some bad parts too and work to make them good.  If you still think of the past that much, you have to ask yourself whats keeping it from being part of the present?  I hold onto the fact that more often than not, something that was great in the past can be restored to something amazing in the present, and be an outstanding example for the future.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

plugging back in

After some quality time in the basement over the weekend I got a little bit more wired up. Another bank of outlets got wired and connected. I actually have a few lights on switches; novel idea, I think the shop light is getting upset since I'm not spending as much time with it.  Seems like a little progress is being made down there, hopefully I get it wrapped up soon and I can check that off the "that needs fixed sooner than later list".  Thankfully that list is getting shorter.  I can get some of those things done and spend a little more time plugging back into life, spring is almost here, time for some new adventures.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

every night...

at the same time, I make the same wish...

Friday, March 26, 2010

turn the light...

most pictures I've taken or have in my archives are worth a thousand words, some of the ones dearest to my heart more, this one is just worth one.  This is the first switch for some lights downstairs, tonight I picked up some wire to run the other switch leads.  Tomorrow I hope to get some more things knocked out down there, if you are around or need something to do, just come on by and give me a hand.  Don't worry, I'm not getting rid of the 'light painting' studio, I know plenty of people want to come back and get more pictures.  What do you think the switches were for? to turn out the lights, not turn them...  well you get the idea.  Hope you had a good friday!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring smoke

The last few nights I've been taking a break from the house work.  Just felt like getting some other things done and nothing done all at the same time.  Last night turned out to be a good break.  It was nice out so I figured the first trip of the year to Swenson's was in order.  After that, I swung by DQ to get a tasty treat (any other night it would have been Ro's). Our wonderful admin assistant at work suggested going there since the youth group from her church got a percentage of the proceeds from the evening sales.  I figured I would go support a good cause, and how could I turn down an excuse for a blizzard.  Luckily they weren't doing it at the Ducati dealership or I might have really had a good night.  Then driving back to the ranch I noticed the neighbors were starting a fire, so I pulled in and helped out. Well, it was more of a smokescreen across the road when I first saw it, but after a little work and a trip over here to get some nice dry wood out of the garage we got the fire going.  Kicked back and enjoyed the nice evening around the fire with some good friends.  Like I mentioned the other night, the best of city life and country life all so close, not a bad deal at all.  Its crazy how most of the things that were talked about and hoped for happening here are coming true...   it would be even sweeter if my best friend was here experiencing them with me...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lightning and thunder

Well if you live anywhere near where the house is, last night was the first thunderstorm of 2010. Plenty of crazy lightning and booming thunder went on for quite some time last evening.   Some substantial pouring rain also came down. After helping out a great friend of mine with some computer issues I drove back to the house in the middle of the storm.  The lightning that pierced the clouds was incredible, it was blinding.  I definitely enjoy a good spring thunderstorm, its nice just listening to whats going on.  After I got inside I went to work on some photos for a friend and her boyfriend.  The thunderstorm was a good soundtrack in the background. Thankfully the house held up well, the winter didn't destroy my downspouts so all the water made it away from the house and didn't cause any issues.  It's amazing to me how certain things trigger memories, last night reminded me of good old apartment 5109F.  I remember plenty of spring and summer storms a couple years ago, laying down upstairs with the windows open, relaxing and falling asleep to the sound of the thunderstorm. Those were some great days, after the storm calmed down I couldn't help but to hit play on some JC...  "These are the days I've been missing..."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

new moon

And you thought I was talking about that vampire movie. This weekend my good buddy helped me out with some wiring in the basement, most of which will be featured in a future post.  Part of the changes that were made allowed us to reroute the wiring for the pole light near the curb. This light hasn't been working properly since I arrived here.  Since it was a beautiful day outside we took some time to get the light working. After some trial and error we got everything operating and the old skool globe is back on!  The photocell even still works.  Of course we popped a CFL bulb in for some energy efficiency.  Now when you come down the street you will know to hang a left at the moon!  Adds a little curb appeal to the old place.  The light is on, I've been waiting for you, so come on over.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

location location location

One of the great things about this house is the lot.  especially when the weather is nice, like it has been recently.  In the middle of town its like you are in the country. You have all the amenities of pseudo city life surrounding you, yet the quiet and serenity of being miles outside of town. This is an incredible neighborhood for sure, and the mornings and evenings here are great.  You can hear birds chirping, see deer and another animals up close, and see the sunlight pass through the trees and dapple the yard.  Its also a great place to walk; inside the neighborhood there isn't much traffic and if you want, you can walk to get food or ice cream on a nice evening, pretty good deal.  I can imagine the barbecue's here with family and friends for sure.  I was just talking with a great friend tonight about the house and life right now, and definitely one of the positives is this location.  It is a location everyone agrees that doesn't get much better. If you haven't experienced it come on by, I'd be glad if you were here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breaker breaker

After gutting the basement I really haven't updated things associated with that whole process.  Many little things had to be done to get everything out properly.  One of those things was some wiring.  To make things easy during the demo process I just shut off all the circuit breakers to the lights and outlets in the basement and started going postal on the wiring.  I cut the wiring at all the outlets and lights, then started pulling the wiring back to the panel.  From there just cut the majority of the leads since the panel was pretty accurate with everything. Since I will be rewiring everything in a much simpler way this was the easiest way to get everything out, meanwhile saving as much wiring as possible.  After the fact I ended up with three completely empty circuit breakers and two breakers with leads that only have one light on each.  I can basically get some lights up and outlets in and properly divide them and not overload anything. It worked out really well.  Side Note: I did actually almost get electrocuted.  One of the leads didn't appear as if it was wired to anything, well I cut it, nothing happened.  After investigating why a light was out in the area where my well is, my buddy and I realized that there was a GFI outlet beside the panel installed in between the lead and the circuit breaker, and well... when I cut the lead it immediately threw the GFI protection and shut the power.  Otherwise I would have been zapped.   Don't you wish life had a circuit breaker...  When things get crazy and go wrong or you make a mistake the breaker just flips, everything pauses, and you can just flip the switch and its all back to the way you want in pretty much an instant.  

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

some things are worth the wait...

I don't mean to completely veer off course...  Well yes I do, I can't help it.  This is just way cooler than the boring post I had worked up....    after months and months of waiting it is soooo close...

Monday, March 1, 2010

marching on...

It’s been a little while since I posted any updates. Mostly because I haven’t changed too much stuff around the house lately, and the stuff I have changed I need to take some pictures of, so I'll have to veer off a little on this post. I’ve been pretty busy with life before, and since, my last post. The end of January and February was a busy month with other things. So busy in fact I just realized its March 1st. I feel kind of bad I haven’t spent too much time on the house, mostly the time spent here has been getting furniture set up and starting to get some art hung up. I need to get some more art made, so hopefully I can start getting that going and post it on my other blog. But I haven’t made too many other changes, for a few reasons, just time in general being the biggest. Been trying to enjoy life outside of here a little bit since I made a big push around the house previously. Another reason, is a little creative fun has turned into something a lot bigger. What started as me and some good buddies experimenting with photos has really taken off and got a lot of people interested. So much so, we had a big event, even with a giant snowstorm. Now it’s gotten so popular we have our own fan page on the bookface. If you want, you can head over there and see what we are doing. It’s taken up some of my time, but well worth it since its really getting a lot of people together for good times. Plus it enabled me to put the house to use for one of its original intentions, getting family and friends together. I remember talking about it many times when the search for a house was on, how friends and family could come over and enjoy each others company. How that would be a really important part of the house, and how much it would mean. This was the first time it has happened, and it really was a great moment in time...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

shore it up

Just when I started typing this post the parallel of what it talks about and life in general came to mind.  Underneath part of the floor (the bathroom in particular) someone else proceeded to hack away the support to make space for some piping. They basically took the support and cut it in half, leaving what was left hanging there to hold the weight of the house above unsupported.  So I had to get a jack post and push back up the sagging joist into the correct position. This was done over a couple weeks, in small increments, just to make sure I didn't stress everything all at once.  After it was in the correct position, I installed a new double header spanning from the joists on each side, then attached the cut joist.  I used some joist hangers to make sure there was a secure connection between everything.  I don't have any pictures of the hack job, I forgot to take one before tearing the old stuff out.  But you can see in the images how the new header fits in, the support post has been removed and now the floor isn't sagging!

If only it was this easy to fix life after it's been cut in half, it takes quite a bit more time and effort, but you definitely need good support during that time to get things back somewhere close to level.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

related break - new

Well I totally forgot to update the TV situation.  Per my last post about the TV I explained that I was supposed to get a credit for the broken panel.  I did get a credit and I did get a new TV.  Since I got a substantial credit I went ahead and threw in a few bucks and upgraded to some new technology.  I'm not going to say what I have, I don't want you coming by in the middle of the night and taking it home for yourself.  haha... It is Energy Star compliant of course, it uses far less energy than a conventional tv or even the panels they have made over the last few years. So that is really cool, can feel a little better when its on that I'm not wasting a ton of resources.  I am truly blessed that God has given me the means to get such a nice TV.  I don't really watch too much all by myself, I feel like I should be doing something else more productive with my talents, but I'll kick back once in awhile and catch up on things that I've DVR'd (Top Gear on BBC America, head to your DVR right now, funniest show on TV!).   I mostly got the nice TV for when family and friends are over so they can enjoy their time here; if you have a nicer TV than them, your odds of them coming back are much greater. :-)   If you haven't come over and enjoyed some HD goodness you should, the superbowl should look pretty sweet on it.  I'll be here tuning in, so come on by.

Monday, February 1, 2010

primer over paint over paint over paint

Well it's been awhile since I used a paint brush or roller; since I had nothing better to do I thought I would paint.  Just kidding, I'm actually kind of tired of painting.  Due to the excessive smoking that took place in the master bedroom by the previous owners I noticed an issue.  There was a wallpaper border in that room.  After removing it and sanding and priming that area there was a discrepancy in the color of the wall.  The white primer on the border area was substantially whiter than the wall area, even though I had already painted the wall white. hmmmm.  Well after painting it again it still wasn't white. Then I realized the yellowish hue probably was from the smoke, and it kept leeching through the latex paint.  Even latex Kilz wouldn't kill it.  I had to resort to the same oil base primer that was used on the border area.  Not very eco-friendly but there really was no choice in the matter.  The entire room needed primed, again, to cover up the yellowish tint. Oil based primer does not smell very good, as you may know. After some toxic fume inhalation burning my last few brain cells, its done now!  Time to get the latex paint out again and go over the primer.  I think I've lost a couple inches in this room from all the paint. :-)   Good times, good times!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

off the hook

Where do you hang your hat?  Or maybe your coat?  Well inside the door usually. Especially if you are just running right back out. So after removing the old hooks inside the back door the search was on for some new hooks.  Well I remembered seeing some sweet ones at Ikea the last time I was there.  My buddy was heading over so I had him pick me some up. Which I just remembered I never paid him for, I'll be doing that tomorrow.  The entry was repainted, just left the existing board for the time being so I didn't create a bigger project by removing it.  I finally got around to laying out the hooks and getting them mounted.  They are really pretty interesting, they look like a metal box on the wall, but then magically open to create a hook.  Really interesting design, nice and modern in appearance.  Next time you come by feel free to hang your coat, scarf, or hat on one.  Check out the pics after the jump!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

closed door

Well its been a little while since I've dropped something on you. I've been busy with other stuff and haven't made the time to give you some updates.  That's on me, so I thought tonight I'd get you something to nibble on. Like the front window I was procrastinating on the front door. Luckily my brother taped it all off for me.  I finally got around to giving it a couple coats of paint.  Then today I just got all the tape off and cleaned it up.  Looks a heck of a lot better than the mustard seed color it once was. I'll have to do something about the hardware but that is for another day.  It's funny how the door means so much. Probably somewhere inside I was holding back from changing it, its one of the few things that is exactly the same as day one inside here.  So much is different around here, but its all still the same. Some things you can't just cover up, no matter how hard you try.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I have been a bit of a knob and haven't been posting enough.  I do feel bad about that, here I was saying I was going to keep up and haven't.  I know that's not cool and not fair to you if you are checking in. I've been busy with planning another creative outlet, shot some photos for one of my best friends wedding, and helping out some family with making some art, so my time has been tight since my last post.  I do have some things to get up on the blog, this week I will squeeze a few in. I might need the weekend off but will be hitting some stuff next week as time permits.  I'll share this little snippet with you. I painted a built in cabinet that was in the dining area, it was brown wood and the color just made it obtuse with its position in the room, so I whited it out.  Looks a lot better, much less distracting to the windows and the space.  The cabinet needed some new pulls so I actually came across these ones at the big box store, they fit my style so I tried them out.  They actually look really good, they are small and serve the purpose. They are brushed aluminum to match all the door hardware. Can't beat them for the few bucks they were!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the first replacement

Well I'm back with a post!  Woot Woot.  I know its about time.  With the Christmas Season and doing a lot of photography stuff I've slacked on posts.  I do apologize if you've been looking for new posts.  I have done some things around the house so I will be updating as best I can.  Well one of my previous posts detailed the laundry bar / workout bar. Apparently I used it too much.  The bar was bent and the hooks were bending to the point of breaking.  Its for laundry only now.  So my good buddy hooked me up with a sweet setup.  Machined mounts and a stronger bar!  I am in business.  Back to sculpting my guns.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

I have some updates coming on some little projects around here. I'll be posting them here and there, due to the holiday season and cleaning out boxes and the construction messes around here I haven't been as prudent with posts. I'll be sure to get back on track with updates, lately been trying to fix the little things that seemed to have been hanging out there.

It's that time of year again.  Where one year ends and another begins. A time for resolutions, a time for turning over a new leaf, a time to reflect on the year past. Universally it seems that tonight is a celebration, whether the past year has gone well or not so well, its spent looking forward to the year ahead. Hoping that things get better than the year past. Some people blow it out tonight, they go to NYC, they have big parties, or they go out and celebrate with complete strangers. Other people stay in, celebrate it with family, or even just a loved one, keeping it simple.  Any way you cut it, we hold a lot of value in recognizing tonight and spending it with others, everyone wants to know what others are doing, whether they will make it or not, and who they are spending it with. Its a special night for sure, especially this year, a decade ends and another begins. So at 12:00:01 2010 where will you be at? What will you be doing? and who will you be with?  Make sure whatever you make of tonight you cherish it, cause it only happens once a year, and once in your lifetime.  Because maybe thing that puts a smile on your face on New Year's Eve, might just be as simple as remembering last years.

Happy New Year and New Decade to all my readers, friends, family and loved ones!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve of the Celebration

Tonight is a special night, for tomorrow myself and many others celebrate the birth of Christ.  This evening many people are preparing last minute items for the big day.  Others are spending time with family or loved ones.  Its a special time for kids, the excitement builds for the big morning when they see what presents they may have.  Its a special night in so many ways for sure.  Its special for me, this is the first Christmas Eve in this house.  I really have to count my blessings on what I have.  I have a roof over my head when many are losing theirs, I have a job that enables me to live a good life, I can provide plenty for myself and extend that to others.  I'm really glad I have the means to fix this place up, I've turned it around from what it was, and it will get even better. The blogs have been a success from what everyone says, and my projects are getting plenty of interest all over the internet. I'd like to think I'm pretty humble, so it was tough for me to start promoting the things I do, I didn't want to come off as someone who is full of myself or someone that is just trying to get ahead.  Everyone is taking an interest to what I do, so its pretty cool, and we'll see what comes of it, I'm glad people can relate to what I do and say. Hopefully it gives some people new ideas or insight, or even something they can relate to, thats all I'm really looking to do.  When I look at everything I have going this Christmas Eve its pretty amazing and I am truly blessed.  I am really thankful for all of it, and all the friends and family that have gone above and beyond the last few months.  Its interesting, there are no gifts under this homemade tree.  All the gifts I need are all around me.

I was expecting this Christmas season to be totally different than it is.  So its definitely bittersweet sitting here this Christmas Eve.  Being here in this house, thinking about how life has changed, thinking about what tonight was supposed to be like.  Its a struggle for sure.  For me it goes back to my first blog post.  What's in my heart still isn't here.  My heart has this missing piece, and only one thing can fill it.  Its amazing how awesome everything is going, yet how one part of the heart can make things so difficult.  I always knew what was in my heart was important, I always knew what it meant, this isn't one of those moments of you don't know what its got until its gone. I'm not that guy, I appreciate every moment, I'm not oblivious to it.  This is a moment when you know what you're missing, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.  As you can see from my blogs I am the sort of person that gets things done, that makes something out of nothing.  So for me, when you can't make something happen, because no matter what you do, the outcome has nothing to do with you, its like being bound and gagged. I hope I've done what I can, it seems I've done all I can do and more, and probably too much.  So I sit here this Christmas Eve and pray for help that I get what I'm really missing inside.  I'm going to watch the lights dim, I'm going to celebrate the Birth of Christ, and I'm going to thank God for everything I have, cause right now I need to trust in the fact he has given me all I need at this time.

Merry Christmas to all!

Monday, December 21, 2009

unbelievable... again

The tree got some more play on another great blog.  I'm glad people out there find it interesting, hopefully it gave some people some ideas or ambition to try something like this themselves.

DIY Christmas Tree on Design Sprout


Thursday, December 17, 2009


I really don't know what to say.   Made it again to Apartment Therapy!  I am truly blessed that people are actually interested in the stuff I do. Follow the link below!

DIY Christmas on Apartment Therapy!


Monday, December 14, 2009

O Tannenbaum

So this is a time of cheer, a time to be near; to family, friends, and loved ones.  Also a time to decorate the place you live with decorations and ornaments to remind us of the spirit of the Christmas season. Most normal people buy a fake tree, or cut a tree from a tree farm. Then they bring it to their residence and place some decorations and lights on it and make it fit their style or taste of their ideal Christmas. I've always had an apartment, haven't had many decorations, haven't had much space for a large tree. So I haven't acquired many of the decorations and lights for Christmas time. I had three strands of lights, green, red, and white; their most famous use for was a party I had four years ago at the beginning of December. One of the best memories that ended up being the beginning of so many more.  Anyway, I basically have no other decorations for a tree. I always wanted a modern, chic, interesting tree but I didn't want to spend a lot of money this year on decorations or a tree because I'd rather spend that money giving presents to others.  So what's a guy like me to do for a tree?  I needed to come up with something fast because I've been preoccupied.  Well, why not build a tree?  I used all reused items I have laying around. I've changed a lot of things around here so I had some things that I could put to use. It's not exactly super chic because I busted it out very quickly, but it gets the job done, I spent a total of $2 to get a plug, and it brings some Christmas cheer.  Its pseudo modern in its shape, definitely industrial in nature. This was something fun to do Hopefully this shows that you don't have to buy everything at a store, with some creativity and some ambition you can make something out of nothing.  Some of the best decorations or gifts are the ones you put some love and/or work into, remember that when you are giving someone a gift this year!

2x4's, framing nails, green vinyl covered chain link fence, string, paper, wrapping paper cut into decorations, the lights I had, an old chandelier, wire, and of course I had to use a little bit of duct tape!

follow this link for the pics...
O Tannenbaum Pics

Saturday, December 12, 2009

lighting change

Well since the fall season is over and we are into the Christmas season a lighting change was due.  So I picked up some red and green bulbs for the front porch to start lighting it up holiday style! These have been up for awhile, totally forgot to post this.  I'll have to get some other decorations up fast!  Christmas is nearly here.

Friday, December 4, 2009

do you smell that smell?

There is one thing that everyone can agree on that is better in this house than before is the smell!  As soon as you walked in here previously it smelled of a combination of stale cigarettes and wet dog.  Now since everything has pretty much been painted, cleaned, and the basement gutted the smell is a million times better.  Add in some great air fresheners and voila!  No more nasty house.  I don't really have a pic or anything since they haven't figured out how to get port smell over the internet to scratch and sniff screens, so you will have to take my word on this one.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just wanted to take this post to apologize for the lack of post yesterday.  And to let you know that posts might be intermittent over the next month depending on time, schedule and finances. This month I really need to make it through my life that is still packed in boxes, clean it up and trim it down to what is really needed, which isn't much.  I also will be working on the house pulling together some things that still need attention and working on completing things in the basement. So watch for blog posts about those items.  If I can get everything that is started, finished, it would be exactly what needs to happen.  This next month I'll also have to decide on a direction everything will be going, right now everything is still clear as mud. Too many difficult times, unanswered questions and things beyond my control have made reevaluating the plans very difficult to do over the last few weeks.

Monday, November 30, 2009

oops.. forgot some light..

Here I go and pull a Brett Favre and unretire the lighting series, just for one day though.  I forgot all about this light because its been up for awhile.  It was installed in the bedroom, I figured one place in the house could have a decent light from the start. This again is a light pulled from storage that was an Ikea purchase.  Provides great light. Unfortunately I had to leave the textured/sunburst ceiling for now, but the light distracts the eye from that a little.  I apologize for the pic, it was taken with the point and shoot, the real camera was packed up and I didn't feel like getting it out. I guess this is the last post in November, wow, Christmas around the corner.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

last of the light...

So I believe this is the end of the lighting installment.  The dining area had a classic chandelier.  I thought about painting the brass on it or something to that matter but I thought the style wasn't enough contrast to the new, so I replaced it.  I used another Ikea fixture I had in storage.  This light provides good light straight down for a table and provides a little more intimate atmosphere instead of blasting the whole room with light.  This fixture in combination with the fixture over the bar area gives enough light in the space and provides a nice atmosphere. Click the jump for some images. I hope you liked all the lighting changes. Now onto some more items that are hanging out there that need some attention.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

a break in the light...

I just wanted to take the post today to update on some changes on the blog and take a little intermission on the lighting updates.  As you may have noticed I updated the sidebar a bit to clean things up and also added a "share" button to the blog and the posts.  This will enable you to easily share to bookface and other social networking sites, if you'd like to share something I blog.  Please hold on firmly to your chair, I have finally joined the masses and started social networking.  I know, I just blew your mind.  I've been lame, I know, well I've changed my outlook on it and have started getting on board.  I figured since the blog has been somewhat of a hit (thats what some people have indicated anyway) that I should spread my identity further and share a little more.

Friday, November 27, 2009

light to the other side...

Some more lighting that was changed was in more inconspicuous areas, such as the hallway and entry.  For these areas the existing fixtures were replaced with a single bulb, flying saucer, from Ikea.  Provides good light and doesn't draw attention to areas that don't really need it.  These fixtures are super inexpensive as well, so if you have an apartment or a house and don't want to go crazy but would like to change out some of the fixtures these really are a good buy.  FYI, when you are out buying your compact fluorescent bulbs check out the displays for the lighting color (at the home improvement warehouses).  They finally are making bulbs in a few different color hues for your preference.  Remember they will look different depending on your paint color as well.  I hope your Thanksgiving went well!  Christmas is right around the corner already!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

light is better than darkness...

I mentioned one of the easiest ways to spruce up a place is with some new hardware. Another simple way to make a place feel more modern is by lighting.  And a good place to find some relatively inexpensive fixtures is of course Ikea. Each year they get better and better with selection and styles.  I've had some Ikea fixtures and a few others for quite some time, I bought some for my apartment and have held onto them since. So I cracked open the lighting bins and started pulling out the fixtures.  Above the pseudo bar counter in the kitchen there was a ceiling fan I pulled down.  I mentioned it in a previous post, I attached the image again to illustrate what it was.  To replace that fixture and to bring a little more interest to that part of the kitchen/dining area I have installed a track fixture. I can't begin to describe how difficult it was to install this fixture by myself, the track is kind of stiff and hard to manipulate alone to install.  After awhile the tape was my best friend for the night and did a decent job of holding it in place.  This fixture provides some good light and is a little more aesthetically pleasing to me. Jump = Bunch of Pics

give thanks

Take a minute today to thank God and the people in your life for what you have, and maybe don't have.  You'd be surprised how a little gratitude would mean to your family, friends, and loved ones. Often with the hustle and bustle of a day like this its easy to forget to say thank you. I won't inundate you with my thank you list, cause its a long one.  But thank you for reading this blog, if you tune into it you must care a little bit or be taking something away from it.  If you helped me in any way with this house or anything associated with it, thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving! No pic of a turkey, I thought I had one, but couldn't find it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

let there be light...

The light in the center of the kitchen was a typical 3bulb fixture with a glass moon cover detailed with brass.  To make it a little more inconspicuous I replaced it with a square acrylic lens fixture, fluorescent and again Energy Star.  This light will only really need to be on when you need some extra light for preparing a fantastic meal or baking some cookies, so I wanted it to blend in when its off.  I'll have some other fixtures in the kitchen/dining area that will grab your attention so I didn't want this light to stand out too much. Pics after the jump of course. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

light unto my path...

We'll start this little miniseries with the utility lights and move our way up to the more important ones. The light above the sink was an old dual bulb T8 fixture that almost burnt my hand when I took it out. Last thing I need is another scar, besides one from that light wouldn't be as cool of a story as the scars on my arm.  That thing was obviously burning some serious energy.  I replaced it with a dual bulb T5 fixture, Energy Star rated of course. I should have taken a pic for scale between the two fixtures, the T5 fixture is about 1/3 the size, the whole fixture is the size of one of the old bulbs.  Actually provides more light and I'm sure is way more efficient.  Trying to keep it green as I can within a budget.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the light shines in the darkness...

This post is the preview for a series of posts on the lighting changes that will be taking place this week. Its kind of like a PBS special, the same subject with a little piece, each episode, all week long.  Make sure you follow closely to see whats crackalackin!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

shelter for the transport

I previously mentioned that the garage door had an opener but the remote was missing. And I mentioned I picked up a remote, well I'll be honest I haven't been using it.  It was such a beautiful day today, nice and warm and the sun was shining.  I noticed it cleared up because I saw the moon again tonight, and felt it was getting pretty cool. I looked at the garage and thought why haven't I used it for the car?  So this is the first night the car will be sleeping in the garage. The weather person is predicting some snow on this Friday..  The holidays are approaching fast and winter is coming, making sure the garage door is in working condition before I really should be taking advantage of being blessed with the garage. Worked fine for the first time, we'll see how the morning goes. Pics after the jump.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

pain in the neck

Painting the ceiling is well... the title says it all.  The previous color was off white with a random nicotine finish. The living, kitchen, dining and hall have been freshened up with some ultra white. Also I think I have a permanent white dotted complexion and hairstyle, I should've used yellow so I got the sweet iced look!  If you've painted a ceiling you know what I'm talking about.  Since this is completed now, the existing light fixtures have started packing their bags. They understand that they don't belong here anymore, the door handles and hinges said either lose the brass or its time to get out. I didn't get involved, they can work it out.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I figured there needed to be some demolition since there hasn't been any in awhile. The valance above the kitchen sink said a snide comment, and ironically more than one person mentioned its appearance. So the sawzall and I talked to the valance. Ergo, removal.  Pics after the jump. The after image will have to come later, some painting needs touched up around this area. Well, back to work, still many things to do. Gotta keep plugging away, as hard as it all is.  TGIF.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

related break - update II

Well the picture says it all... Funny in so many ways. So the technician said they were going to replace the actual LCD panel if you remember from my last post.  Well that didn't work out, he called a few days later, said the panel part replacement cost was about four thousand dollars.  So needless to say the part price exceeded the value of the tele under the warranty plan.  I took the tele back to the store and lo and behold got a store credit for the value, I didn't even have to beg.  I didn't end up losing too much on it since I got such a good deal originally, so that was blessing for sure!  I'm happy I can get some new technology in lieu of getting the same thing. I have my eye on something pretty sweet, holding out until the sales coming up to save a few bucks hopefully.  All I can say is thank God for the people that invented Hulu, I know my insanity would be far worse without it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mother nature is a vandal

Someone knocked off my mailbox!  Just kidding, I think it was just working its way loose and the beautiful  breezy fall day blew it right off.  So I duct taped it back on, just kidding no I didn't, the neighbors might stop and beat me up. I actually used electrical tape, black blended in a little better.  I'll have to work on a more permanent fix, Maybe it's time to get that modern mailbox I had my eye on awhile ago.  Or maybe its a sign I should get out.  Who knows...  Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a new low

I had a request for more writing in my posts, some of my latest ones were getting short, so I'll be sure to step it up, hopefully this one is better...   Well I never thought I would do something like this. I have a confession to make.  I used peel and stick tile. There, I said it, its done, let the fallout begin. Get off the floor and back in your chair.  Everyone that knows me right now is reeling. I pray this sin will be forgiven.  Remember a post awhile ago when I ripped up the nasty floor in the kitchen. Well since I am torn on many levels on whether or not to proceed with bigger plans, I had to do something to make it look finished and more livable.  So against my better judgement I went with a designed to sell solution. It turned out ok and gives it a better look for sure, just not my ideal way of handling it.  The images are after the jump. The good thing though is the installation was a breeze.  Near the end of the install I thought to myself... "If life only went as easy as this peel and stick tile"

Monday, November 16, 2009

paint - again

I've been procrastinating on this little painting project. The front window.  It's been staring me in the face, I keep ignoring it.  I figured I would just give in and give it a go, it turned out way easier and better than expected.  Hopefully I gave the passers by a little sunshine while I was at it.  Bonus image after the break.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

long weekend

it was a busy weekend with life and working on the house. I'll be back on track this week with updates, some updates are imminent.  Ever feel like this?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

monkey wrench

Just wanted to apologize to you for not updating this week.  Been K-razy busy with all kinds of stuff. Had to change the plans on a whim. I was slacking before and didn't have any posts made already and I haven't had much time to post anyway.  We'll get some stuff up soon. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

another night

I wrote the majority of this awhile ago, but was refraining from posting it, I thought maybe I would read it later and feel different after some time, but it hasn't happened. Its somewhat embarrassing and weak to some I'm sure, but people need to know. I thought I could separate feelings from this house, but I've fallen short on that.  Its a new month already, I'm late I know, its hard to believe its November, physically I was expecting to be in this house, mentally and emotionally I'm so far from where I ever thought I would be in life.  I have to be honest, I can't hide what really is going on inside these walls.  This has been tough. The work has been good, really far less difficult than I actually thought! Plenty of progress has been made.  I'm blessed I have some good people around me that have really helped out when they've had time, not only with labor and knowledge, but also support in other ways where I really need it. The place looks a little different in a good way and will look even better very soon....  continues after the jump.

backyard dog

Puppies really enjoy big backyards.  You are probably wondering if its mine, it's not, just visiting.  Right now a puppy probably isn't the best idea for me, but who knows what the future holds.

Friday, November 6, 2009

exterior update

Well it completely slipped my mind to post the exterior changes.  This was something I mentioned from the beginning, I had a witness, I said day one I am taking those shutters off.  Well actually it was day two, but I forgot to post it. So the shutters have been removed and I also removed the victorian style trellis on the porch.  I snapped a quick pic tonight, its after the jump. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the first post to compare images, and catch up on anything you may have missed in between.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, I had some inquiries on why, thanks for the concern. I was dealing with some personal stuff that was overwhelming me and wasn't feeling up to it, or down with it, or whatever the cool kids are saying now. But I'm back with something for you tonight, I don't want to lose you. Painting, does it ever end? In between all of the other things posted so far, painting is an ongoing process. I can only handle so much of it at one time, especially if you don't have anyone helping or just hanging out with you, it goes pretty slow and feels like you aren't getting anywhere.  Most of it is done, trying to finish it up. So I haven't really posted images because if it's unfinished then it can't be that interesting, right.  Well I figured I'd drop a couple images of the hallway to show that it has been painted, and the door hardware is on. Since there have been requests.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

laundry and lifting

Tonight was the type of night that helps you keep things in perspective, not like I haven't already been doing that; but this was just another set of events that solidify what life is about.  I'm praying for more than a few people that had some health issues today.

This is also why I try to keep a blog post or two in my back pocket, in case something or if I'm really lucky someone comes by and I can't accomplish anything on the house. The beauty of a bare ceiling in the basement enables you to do whatever you want.  Namely make a hanger bar out of a piece of pipe for your laundry.  But, not only does this provide a place for your freshly laundered linens.  It also doubles as...

Monday, November 2, 2009

related break - update

Well, I have been getting the full court press from everyone on the TV status.  Sit down, take a deep breath. The television is broken.  At least the TV can be replaced, the important things that have broke lately could never be replaced. I honestly don't really care that it's broken, it's just a TV, they make them everyday. It is a loss, not so much material, more emotional; if the TV could talk it would tell of some great times spent by me, the one I love (in my best David Gray voice), family, and friends enjoying it. I remember an indoor picnic in front of it not too long ago that was just plain awesome! Hit the jump for the unbelievable outcome of this situation.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well this place had a pretty good electrical situation.  The panel and wiring was newer, and was actually labeled fairly correctly.  But the basement has been turned off because of the amount of wire that needed pulled back and checked.  Today a large part of the day was spent finding out what was going on with some leads for the basement and a some switches upstairs.  A great friend was kind enough to lend me his expertise and help me check and test a bunch of stuff.  Successfully we figured out why the light at the back door wasn't working!  And why the lights on the back porch weren't either! Some insane three-way switching was done for some reason.  So everything has been figured out and now I can get the lights and some outlets up in the basement. Very soon all the electrical will be done and completed. Truly a glorious outcome to that mess. Jump = Pic

Saturday, October 31, 2009

heavens above

One of the hardest things to capture with a camera is the moon.  Especially with any haze or cloud cover.  The moon looked incredible tonight!  From plain vision you could see the surface.  I sat in the back yard tonight, admired and looked for some help from the heavens above, maybe tomorrow will help as well.  It was pretty clear so the moon and the stars really could be seen well.  Of course I grabbed the camera and did what I could without a tripod, I didn't label what box I put it in and I didn't feel up to uncovering any more treasures, I came across some earlier today.  Oh, look at the time, make a wish; hit the jump, for the pics.

All Saint's Eve

Well some treaters came by, not as many as I was anticipating.  But I made a few kids really smile so that was really nice, nothing like seeing a child light up with joy, it made me smile seeing their excitement. I do have quite a bit of candy left, so I will be breaking out and adding a hundred or so pounds in the short term. Or you could come over and eat some of it so I don't. There is plenty of chocolate and peanut butter! I'll reuse the wrappers to recover the sofa, you can see I might have enough. Today was a beautiful day outside, I snapped a picture out back, hit the jump to see it. I also got some more progress done on the house, put some new outlet and switch plate covers on, makes the paint job look a little more finished. Took down one of the nasty ceiling fan/light fixtures that was above the counter in the kitchen, I didn't take a before picture, but the after pictures are here. I have some fixtures that will be going up to replace all the existing ones, as soon as the ceiling gets painted. Finished up all the hardware on the doors, makes a huge difference. For the most part a good day as far as work getting done, one step closer. To what, I'm still figuring out. Jump = Pics

Friday, October 30, 2009

paint trays

Well more got done, thankfully.  After family came through once again progress continues.  I can't stress enough how much family and friends really come through in times of need, I am blessed with some awesome people around me that don't have to care, but they do. And its not even what gets done, its just having people around who care to share some time together and make you feel a whole lot better.  Some more things got painted upstairs and the floor I think might be finished downstairs. The rolling machine knocked that out fast!  A future post will show how that turned out.  Paint trays were filled and then emptied again and again. The main living level is looking better and better. The mantle was painted by some awesome painters and a built-in cabinet in the dining area got a coat.  No pics yet, finishing touches need to be applied. Some leaves got raked and even the candy got put into bowls for tomorrows onslaught of neighborhood kiddies. I can't go a day without a post, even if it isn't a mind boggling change, it wouldn't be fair to those who want an update. So I shot some "artsy fartsy designer" pic as my snow covered friend would put it, for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin carving finished

Well pumpkin carving has happened. (insert suspense)  I have a ton of respect for those people out there that can really make great carvings.  It's time consuming and tedious if you are trying to get creative.  I've been thinking about what to carve, I didn't want to do the crazy mean pumpkins, this time of year doesn't have to be evil stuff.  I wanted to do something that was creative, but was also meaningful, nice, and people could relate to. I did my second idea first, cause I thought it might take two nights, but I knocked it out.  Just this summer I was blessed to go to NYC for the first time in my life.  It was an absolutely incredible weekend!  Walked everywhere, got caught in the rain like a movie, Bryant Park, Central Park, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Times Square, Dylan's Candy Bar, and saw Jamie Cullum at Carnegie Hall!  And that's not even why the trip was so incredible!  So somehow when I was thinking of what to do, the trip and this idea just jumped into my mind, and sums up a lot. Hit the jump for the finished product. (more suspense)


When you are looking for something you need after moving you inevitably come across things that stop you right in your tracks. I think everyone has been there during some move. You totally forget about that... what was it... oh yeah, the knife you wanted so bad to carve pumpkins and what you came across takes you to the place, the time, the sight, the sound, the smell, the feeling, etc, etc, etc... Many times a laugh is shared over its discovery, or a smile, a kiss, or maybe some tears, and you take that discovery and hang it up or put it on the shelf as a constant reminder, its part of making a new place familiar.  Rarely though, between moving and rediscovering these treasures, something has drastically changed in a way you never wanted or imagined.  So the question is... What do you do when you find it in every container, in every room of the house, and on all that you posses?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The quickest way to spruce up an interior is with some new hardware.  After some fresh painting on the doors, they shed their brass knobbed glory and picked up some new brushed silver lever handles. I would have liked to got some sleeker ones, but for now the budget conscious ones will have to do. Besides, these doors may not exist some day, or I'll be moved on before I get to that point. Some matching hinges were also applied to complete the hardware transformation on the interior doors. This gives the old a little flavor of the modern.  Finally!  Uncle Jonathan's corn cob pipe!  Hit the jump for more!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

unrelated break

Well I must admit I have been slacking on the house work for sure.  But I had good reason to tonight.  I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Cavaliers home opener!  You might have been watching it on TNT.  You might have saw me, I know I was on camera twice. Once walking in, they were filming people coming through the turnstiles, and of course I walk right past the camera, head shot.  Then during the game I was in the background of one of the shots when they were interviewing a fan for a contest, you could see it on the jumbo screen.  Pretty funny.  But anyway, I was really blessed with getting to take it all in from a suite with a great view and great food!  Thanks to my boss for giving me the chance to go, and thanks to the outside company that gave the invite!  I took some pics with the phone for posterity.  The Cavs should be pretty awesome this year, they jumped way ahead early but ended up losing, no worries, plenty of games left, you can't win them all. Totally unbelievable seeing Shaq in a Cavs uniform. What an awesome time!  Being in a suite is a blast, I remember an awesome night there for a Coldplay concert a couple years ago.

More pics after the jump, including Shaq's first tipoff at home!  (I just figured out how to make the jump so I thought I would test it out)

Monday, October 26, 2009

basement teaser

From walking around the house and looking at my posts I think I've contracted ADD. Anyway, so I changed my mind on the order of the basement.  Logic would approach from the top down, kind of like a two minute shower. I wouldn't put a garbage disposal in so I could wash my vegetables at the same time. But I digress, the basement floor was dusty and dirty, so after cleaning the best I could, I decided to go ahead and start painting it. This works well cause now I can stage some other stuff down there and also stop tracking dust and dirt up and down the stairs.  This is a little teaser of it, you can see the fresh grey paint sheen. The finished product will be up soon hopefully.  I guess I'll have to wait until it dries to get that paint can.  Don't worry, I didn't get painted into the corner, I was able to get out to post it. Don't be afraid to click on the pics I take, they open into a larger version so you can see them better, I like taking the photos, so I extend to you some higher res enjoyment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So when you own a house in a kid friendly neighborhood trick or treat time brings all the kids out.  I heard from one of the neighbors that there usually is a lot of traffic, so I thought I better get prepared.  Hopefully there is enough candy.  Pumpkin carving will have to commence as soon as possible, check back for the glowing results.  And yes, those are eco orange bulbs, leave it to me to find those.  Come by for plenty of chocolate and peanut butter!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

unrelated / related break

So if this blog were a book my first post would be what is called foreshadowing.  If you haven't seen or read the first post, scroll to the bottom and do so immediately.  Because what are the odds after posting that, a few weeks later, I would be taking in an Elvis impersonator show. You couldn't script it any better.

related break

Tip of the Day.  Be very, very, very careful when moving LCD flat panel televisions.

Apparently between having the panel hooked up while sitting in the box and placing on the stand the next day, something went wrong. Broken wrong.  So apparently I did something wrong, bumped, hit, twisted, I don't really know, but anyway, the television is jacked up.  So its on the bottom of my prayer list under something that isn't replaceable.  Needless to say it was pretty frustrating when you turn something like that on and its haywire.  Especially when you kind of want to take a break and just chill.  Oh well, apparently the big guy upstairs wanted me to get some work done instead of watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Just kidding, I would be probably be laughing to Flipping Out or Top Gear over and over again, if you don't know what it is, you need to know.

Friday, October 23, 2009

kitchen floor

Well I really couldn't take it.  The kitchen floor was pretty disgusting so it got ripped up. This sheet vinyl, or whatever material it is was in really poor shape and couldn't be cleaned, so its gone. As you can see from the pieces it broke into, it was in brittle shape. Not really sure what to put down or what to do with the plywood that is underneath, that will be for another day. The grand idea is totally reconfiguring everything, but the brakes are applied. Would like to know if the hardwood is under this plywood, but if I go that far there is no turning back.  So until the many factors involved in that decision are aligned, a temporary fix might just have to be in order.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


No pic today, sorry to my followers.  I spent tonight trying to do little things here and there.  Like getting a garage door opener that functions with the garage door; success.  Now I can get in and out of the garage while inside the vehicle, a blessing of convenience.  I painted more, trying to tie some loose ends up on some of that, which has been an ongoing process. I messed around with some stuff in the basement that will be detailed further in a future post. I probably did something else as well...

Tonight was a night to forget; but if I had the ability to forget to remember, I wouldn't need to forget.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

related jealousy

A friend from work and her great family are moving into a new home just down the road from me. I'm lucky to have some more good people so close.  They have a gem inside that totally blew my mind.  When I saw it, I immediately wanted to cut it from the walls and transplant it.  Words cannot describe, and this picture does not do it justice, I snapped it with my mobile device.  I thought about going back and getting a better quality image, but I couldn't wait to post this. Like I said before, to each their own. I am in the process of getting a petition going to cease and desist the destruction of this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

energy star

Well the hot water tank worked correctly during the inspection.  After, not so much.  Oh well, probably better stop working now than when it would have been more inconvenient to replace.  Since the basement is empty now it made things easy to do. The old tank basically was almost hot sometimes, and luke warm at best at other times. So in keeping with staying as "green" as possible within a budget, a new energy star hot water tank has been installed. I would have preferred to gone to a tankless system, but at this point I couldn't justify the cost.  So picking an efficient tank had to do. I'm blessed I have some nice hot water now, makes a shower after all this hard work much more enjoyable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

where the party shower ends

No its not a previously unknown work by Shel Silverstein.  This is literally where the party shower ends.  After demolishing the walls the plumbing Christmas tree (as my plumber so eloquently put it) was hanging freely.  So the three shower head monstrosity was taken down and lines capped.. So technically the party shower could be reincarnated. I should probably put a voting app on the blog to see what the readers think. But I digress, this, along with some other plumbing and gas lines were cleaned up and simplified. This should make things a little bit safer by removing the excess gas piping, connections, and bad valves that had been put in over the years.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

basement waste - again

This really makes me sick but theres not much I can do about it, its what was here already. Thats right, this is the second dumpster full of basement stuff.  So if you were counting thats almost 30 cubic yards of stuff that was crammed in the basement, not including the stuff I saved for reuse. Happily no more dumpster in the driveway, makes it look a little less like a foreclosure or construction site.  Hopefully this stuff makes some nice wood chips and other items once its sorted and recycled.  That's the bar top by the way, popular with all that have seen.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Tip of the day:  always remember where you set the paint can lid; preferably place above floor level.

I thought to myself, why is the floor so slippery? Then hopped my way to find the camera laughing the whole time. Well, then hopped back to get the pic as if I caught it right after it happened. That's what they call Hollywood magic. I could do nothing but laugh after this, too funny.  Brought some laughter into the day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

paint and puppies

So this is what happens when you have a puppy cruising around while you are painting. Hmmm, what's outside, lets get up on the window sill and look. Oops, white paws.  Nice paw print though, I think CSI won't even have to come in and use their high-tech super duper X5000 ultra infrared, ultraviolet, subsonic print device to catch this criminal.  CSI is on again this season by the way, right now its looking like this year won't be nearly as good as the last few years, but maybe I will be proved wrong.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

doggy fence

Well the doggy fence had to go, I'll probably take it to Habitat. It was a bit unsightly in its inner city playground style, well I guess it wasn't that bad I'm exaggerating, its kinda fancy with the green vinyl on the chain link. It just doesn't work for me, to each his own right?

But think about that poor dog, fenced in there, staring at a backyard playground of almost an acre. Talk about torture. I remember discussing this during the first walkthrough, let the dog have a little more real estate to play with. I just noticed how the sun isn't shining in the first photo with the fence and it is shining on the second photo, hmmmm maybe a sign from above that it was the right move to remove.  I'm rhyming like Bill Shakespeare, look out.