Friday, October 30, 2009

paint trays

Well more got done, thankfully.  After family came through once again progress continues.  I can't stress enough how much family and friends really come through in times of need, I am blessed with some awesome people around me that don't have to care, but they do. And its not even what gets done, its just having people around who care to share some time together and make you feel a whole lot better.  Some more things got painted upstairs and the floor I think might be finished downstairs. The rolling machine knocked that out fast!  A future post will show how that turned out.  Paint trays were filled and then emptied again and again. The main living level is looking better and better. The mantle was painted by some awesome painters and a built-in cabinet in the dining area got a coat.  No pics yet, finishing touches need to be applied. Some leaves got raked and even the candy got put into bowls for tomorrows onslaught of neighborhood kiddies. I can't go a day without a post, even if it isn't a mind boggling change, it wouldn't be fair to those who want an update. So I shot some "artsy fartsy designer" pic as my snow covered friend would put it, for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Appreciate the shout out :)......but where are the pics