Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The quickest way to spruce up an interior is with some new hardware.  After some fresh painting on the doors, they shed their brass knobbed glory and picked up some new brushed silver lever handles. I would have liked to got some sleeker ones, but for now the budget conscious ones will have to do. Besides, these doors may not exist some day, or I'll be moved on before I get to that point. Some matching hinges were also applied to complete the hardware transformation on the interior doors. This gives the old a little flavor of the modern.  Finally!  Uncle Jonathan's corn cob pipe!  Hit the jump for more!
I purposely gave a little more yellow on the white balance on the old pic to emphasize the nastiness, part of that is from the nice bug light in the hallway.  I know my photo critics out there are all over it.  But the lighting in the opening is not photoshopped, it looks like it is, but that is straight out of the camera, weird effect caused from the amber light in the hall and the nice white light in the room. Weird phenomena.

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