Tuesday, October 27, 2009

unrelated break

Well I must admit I have been slacking on the house work for sure.  But I had good reason to tonight.  I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Cavaliers home opener!  You might have been watching it on TNT.  You might have saw me, I know I was on camera twice. Once walking in, they were filming people coming through the turnstiles, and of course I walk right past the camera, head shot.  Then during the game I was in the background of one of the shots when they were interviewing a fan for a contest, you could see it on the jumbo screen.  Pretty funny.  But anyway, I was really blessed with getting to take it all in from a suite with a great view and great food!  Thanks to my boss for giving me the chance to go, and thanks to the outside company that gave the invite!  I took some pics with the phone for posterity.  The Cavs should be pretty awesome this year, they jumped way ahead early but ended up losing, no worries, plenty of games left, you can't win them all. Totally unbelievable seeing Shaq in a Cavs uniform. What an awesome time!  Being in a suite is a blast, I remember an awesome night there for a Coldplay concert a couple years ago.

More pics after the jump, including Shaq's first tipoff at home!  (I just figured out how to make the jump so I thought I would test it out)

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