Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Saint's Eve

Well some treaters came by, not as many as I was anticipating.  But I made a few kids really smile so that was really nice, nothing like seeing a child light up with joy, it made me smile seeing their excitement. I do have quite a bit of candy left, so I will be breaking out and adding a hundred or so pounds in the short term. Or you could come over and eat some of it so I don't. There is plenty of chocolate and peanut butter! I'll reuse the wrappers to recover the sofa, you can see I might have enough. Today was a beautiful day outside, I snapped a picture out back, hit the jump to see it. I also got some more progress done on the house, put some new outlet and switch plate covers on, makes the paint job look a little more finished. Took down one of the nasty ceiling fan/light fixtures that was above the counter in the kitchen, I didn't take a before picture, but the after pictures are here. I have some fixtures that will be going up to replace all the existing ones, as soon as the ceiling gets painted. Finished up all the hardware on the doors, makes a huge difference. For the most part a good day as far as work getting done, one step closer. To what, I'm still figuring out. Jump = Pics

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