Friday, October 16, 2009


Tip of the day:  always remember where you set the paint can lid; preferably place above floor level.

I thought to myself, why is the floor so slippery? Then hopped my way to find the camera laughing the whole time. Well, then hopped back to get the pic as if I caught it right after it happened. That's what they call Hollywood magic. I could do nothing but laugh after this, too funny.  Brought some laughter into the day.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

paint and puppies

So this is what happens when you have a puppy cruising around while you are painting. Hmmm, what's outside, lets get up on the window sill and look. Oops, white paws.  Nice paw print though, I think CSI won't even have to come in and use their high-tech super duper X5000 ultra infrared, ultraviolet, subsonic print device to catch this criminal.  CSI is on again this season by the way, right now its looking like this year won't be nearly as good as the last few years, but maybe I will be proved wrong.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

doggy fence

Well the doggy fence had to go, I'll probably take it to Habitat. It was a bit unsightly in its inner city playground style, well I guess it wasn't that bad I'm exaggerating, its kinda fancy with the green vinyl on the chain link. It just doesn't work for me, to each his own right?

But think about that poor dog, fenced in there, staring at a backyard playground of almost an acre. Talk about torture. I remember discussing this during the first walkthrough, let the dog have a little more real estate to play with. I just noticed how the sun isn't shining in the first photo with the fence and it is shining on the second photo, hmmmm maybe a sign from above that it was the right move to remove.  I'm rhyming like Bill Shakespeare, look out.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Could it be? No? Already? They said it couldn't be done. It should have taken longer.  Yes it should have, actually it could have been done quicker.  Thanks to those who helped, you know who you are. The basement is virtually empty! Thank God! There is some final selective demolition to be done, like the cement board glued to the wall (that party shower deserved what it got), and some plumbing and electrical that needs cleaned up.  But for the most part the basement is demolished, onto cleaning and painting.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

bonfires cause memories

Well the neighbors were nice enough to invite me over for a bonfire that they had going. I am pretty blessed to have some good neighbors and a neighborhood you can have a nice bonfire. Reminded me of some fantastic nights in the country with friends, family, and loved ones... Wish those memories were still getting repeated over and over...