Thursday, February 4, 2010

related break - new

Well I totally forgot to update the TV situation.  Per my last post about the TV I explained that I was supposed to get a credit for the broken panel.  I did get a credit and I did get a new TV.  Since I got a substantial credit I went ahead and threw in a few bucks and upgraded to some new technology.  I'm not going to say what I have, I don't want you coming by in the middle of the night and taking it home for yourself.  haha... It is Energy Star compliant of course, it uses far less energy than a conventional tv or even the panels they have made over the last few years. So that is really cool, can feel a little better when its on that I'm not wasting a ton of resources.  I am truly blessed that God has given me the means to get such a nice TV.  I don't really watch too much all by myself, I feel like I should be doing something else more productive with my talents, but I'll kick back once in awhile and catch up on things that I've DVR'd (Top Gear on BBC America, head to your DVR right now, funniest show on TV!).   I mostly got the nice TV for when family and friends are over so they can enjoy their time here; if you have a nicer TV than them, your odds of them coming back are much greater. :-)   If you haven't come over and enjoyed some HD goodness you should, the superbowl should look pretty sweet on it.  I'll be here tuning in, so come on by.

Monday, February 1, 2010

primer over paint over paint over paint

Well it's been awhile since I used a paint brush or roller; since I had nothing better to do I thought I would paint.  Just kidding, I'm actually kind of tired of painting.  Due to the excessive smoking that took place in the master bedroom by the previous owners I noticed an issue.  There was a wallpaper border in that room.  After removing it and sanding and priming that area there was a discrepancy in the color of the wall.  The white primer on the border area was substantially whiter than the wall area, even though I had already painted the wall white. hmmmm.  Well after painting it again it still wasn't white. Then I realized the yellowish hue probably was from the smoke, and it kept leeching through the latex paint.  Even latex Kilz wouldn't kill it.  I had to resort to the same oil base primer that was used on the border area.  Not very eco-friendly but there really was no choice in the matter.  The entire room needed primed, again, to cover up the yellowish tint. Oil based primer does not smell very good, as you may know. After some toxic fume inhalation burning my last few brain cells, its done now!  Time to get the latex paint out again and go over the primer.  I think I've lost a couple inches in this room from all the paint. :-)   Good times, good times!