Thursday, November 19, 2009

related break - update II

Well the picture says it all... Funny in so many ways. So the technician said they were going to replace the actual LCD panel if you remember from my last post.  Well that didn't work out, he called a few days later, said the panel part replacement cost was about four thousand dollars.  So needless to say the part price exceeded the value of the tele under the warranty plan.  I took the tele back to the store and lo and behold got a store credit for the value, I didn't even have to beg.  I didn't end up losing too much on it since I got such a good deal originally, so that was blessing for sure!  I'm happy I can get some new technology in lieu of getting the same thing. I have my eye on something pretty sweet, holding out until the sales coming up to save a few bucks hopefully.  All I can say is thank God for the people that invented Hulu, I know my insanity would be far worse without it.

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