Thursday, November 5, 2009


I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday, I had some inquiries on why, thanks for the concern. I was dealing with some personal stuff that was overwhelming me and wasn't feeling up to it, or down with it, or whatever the cool kids are saying now. But I'm back with something for you tonight, I don't want to lose you. Painting, does it ever end? In between all of the other things posted so far, painting is an ongoing process. I can only handle so much of it at one time, especially if you don't have anyone helping or just hanging out with you, it goes pretty slow and feels like you aren't getting anywhere.  Most of it is done, trying to finish it up. So I haven't really posted images because if it's unfinished then it can't be that interesting, right.  Well I figured I'd drop a couple images of the hallway to show that it has been painted, and the door hardware is on. Since there have been requests.

Looks leaps and bounds above what it was, the colors were not very pleasing and it was very dirty and stained, plus the hardware was the sweet brass knobby stuff. The nasty bug light was removed in the hall and a simple light was put up, lighting will be detailed in a later post. I tried to color balance these the best I could quickly, there are many hues of light right now since there is some temporary lighting and the old lights are still floating around. Everything is white, I know, everyone is saying "I knew it", "how boring", etc. etc.  Use the comments function to crack the jokes, I am anticipating them.  If you would have been paying close attention to my pics, the first paint post (paintbrushes and pizza oven) you would have noticed on the can it is Extra White, cause White wasn't white enough. I figured someone would catch that, but no one said anything. Well for now its a fresh palette, since ideas are up in the air the best thing to do was to get everything monotone and go from there. Looks pretty good with the existing wood floors for the time being anyway.  We'll see where everything goes from here, need to finish everything else that's hanging out there first and make some other bigger decisions.

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