Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well this place had a pretty good electrical situation.  The panel and wiring was newer, and was actually labeled fairly correctly.  But the basement has been turned off because of the amount of wire that needed pulled back and checked.  Today a large part of the day was spent finding out what was going on with some leads for the basement and a some switches upstairs.  A great friend was kind enough to lend me his expertise and help me check and test a bunch of stuff.  Successfully we figured out why the light at the back door wasn't working!  And why the lights on the back porch weren't either! Some insane three-way switching was done for some reason.  So everything has been figured out and now I can get the lights and some outlets up in the basement. Very soon all the electrical will be done and completed. Truly a glorious outcome to that mess. Jump = Pic

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