Monday, November 2, 2009

related break - update

Well, I have been getting the full court press from everyone on the TV status.  Sit down, take a deep breath. The television is broken.  At least the TV can be replaced, the important things that have broke lately could never be replaced. I honestly don't really care that it's broken, it's just a TV, they make them everyday. It is a loss, not so much material, more emotional; if the TV could talk it would tell of some great times spent by me, the one I love (in my best David Gray voice), family, and friends enjoying it. I remember an indoor picnic in front of it not too long ago that was just plain awesome! Hit the jump for the unbelievable outcome of this situation.

I thought it was totally wasted money when the repair place called and said it couldn't be fixed, they told me to call the manufacturer, I did. The repair place said sometimes they will give you some sort of compensation if the panel goes bad in a short time period. It was out of the 1 year warranty, but it was less than 2 years old. The manufacturer said they needed the original receipt to do anything, I laughed, like I have that. Who saves a receipt for a year and a half? Well after searching what little paperwork I do keep, and in doing so I came across these notes with some hilarious drawings someone left me on my apartment door one time that said something about liking my sleaves (Napoleon Dynamite anyone?)  I laughed out loud again.  But anyway, after rummaging for awhile, I did find it!  And after examining it I noticed an extra line item called PSP.  I thought what in the world is that? I didn't buy a Playstation Portable.  But there was a brochure in the same paperwork. Well much to my surprise I purchased the Performance Service Plan from Best Buy, for four years!  Apparently God gave me some serious foresight the day I purchased that thing, I remember it now, I got such a good deal on the TV the cashier said, "do you want the extended warranty?" and I thought, I might as well get it since I saved so much. I never buy those.  Funny how I totally forgot about this, it must mean it really isn't that important, cause the important things, the things that mean so much to me in life, I can remember details vividly (like the sleaves thing from above, I got home at 7:30 am after driving all night in an ice storm, back from an O.A.R. concert in Indy, to be greeted with that hilarity, I could tell you almost every minute of that night, which was over three years ago, but I don't remember a warranty on the TV, hmm)  So the Geek Squad will come out and examine it and decide what happens, ironic, Geek Squad coming to me, everyone calls me Geek Squad.  I hope the assessment and the outcome happen fairly quickly, would like this situation resolved. Truly a blessing after feeling like a lot of money was wasted on something that is a luxury and not a necessity. As you can see below, the left half is correct, the right half looks like that all the time. And the top and upper right corner have some sweet banding. Be careful moving your TV even if its a couple feet! and get a warranty! So soon I will find out what happens and of course update you, since if you are reading this, and you made it this far, you must care at least a little bit. Thanks.

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