Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Just wanted to take this post to apologize for the lack of post yesterday.  And to let you know that posts might be intermittent over the next month depending on time, schedule and finances. This month I really need to make it through my life that is still packed in boxes, clean it up and trim it down to what is really needed, which isn't much.  I also will be working on the house pulling together some things that still need attention and working on completing things in the basement. So watch for blog posts about those items.  If I can get everything that is started, finished, it would be exactly what needs to happen.  This next month I'll also have to decide on a direction everything will be going, right now everything is still clear as mud. Too many difficult times, unanswered questions and things beyond my control have made reevaluating the plans very difficult to do over the last few weeks.

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