Friday, April 2, 2010

a good friday

Well today is one of those days that are always good to have, the first real warm day of the year. Luckily mine was spent somewhere even warmer.  And even though I was away from the ranch I did (in a round about way) work on something for it.  Since my bro isn't the grillin' type he has given his super duper grill to me!  So I disassembled it and got it ready for the multi-state transport back to the Peachtree. Still figuring out how I'm going to get this in my carry on, so look for a future post on how it works out. This has immediately moved to the top of the 'must do' list.  I definitely enjoyed the 89 degree day and the sunburn I got, finally some pigment so I'm not blinding people.  Gotta run, like I mentioned the other day off to some new adventures. Seems the light painting photos have gathered interest across state lines.  Heading out to an impromptu photo get together to take some pics, meet some new people, and light paint outdoors at night since the weather is awesome!   Hope you had a Good Friday!

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