Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

I have some updates coming on some little projects around here. I'll be posting them here and there, due to the holiday season and cleaning out boxes and the construction messes around here I haven't been as prudent with posts. I'll be sure to get back on track with updates, lately been trying to fix the little things that seemed to have been hanging out there.

It's that time of year again.  Where one year ends and another begins. A time for resolutions, a time for turning over a new leaf, a time to reflect on the year past. Universally it seems that tonight is a celebration, whether the past year has gone well or not so well, its spent looking forward to the year ahead. Hoping that things get better than the year past. Some people blow it out tonight, they go to NYC, they have big parties, or they go out and celebrate with complete strangers. Other people stay in, celebrate it with family, or even just a loved one, keeping it simple.  Any way you cut it, we hold a lot of value in recognizing tonight and spending it with others, everyone wants to know what others are doing, whether they will make it or not, and who they are spending it with. Its a special night for sure, especially this year, a decade ends and another begins. So at 12:00:01 2010 where will you be at? What will you be doing? and who will you be with?  Make sure whatever you make of tonight you cherish it, cause it only happens once a year, and once in your lifetime.  Because maybe thing that puts a smile on your face on New Year's Eve, might just be as simple as remembering last years.

Happy New Year and New Decade to all my readers, friends, family and loved ones!

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