Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So I have been a bit of a knob and haven't been posting enough.  I do feel bad about that, here I was saying I was going to keep up and haven't.  I know that's not cool and not fair to you if you are checking in. I've been busy with planning another creative outlet, shot some photos for one of my best friends wedding, and helping out some family with making some art, so my time has been tight since my last post.  I do have some things to get up on the blog, this week I will squeeze a few in. I might need the weekend off but will be hitting some stuff next week as time permits.  I'll share this little snippet with you. I painted a built in cabinet that was in the dining area, it was brown wood and the color just made it obtuse with its position in the room, so I whited it out.  Looks a lot better, much less distracting to the windows and the space.  The cabinet needed some new pulls so I actually came across these ones at the big box store, they fit my style so I tried them out.  They actually look really good, they are small and serve the purpose. They are brushed aluminum to match all the door hardware. Can't beat them for the few bucks they were!

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