Thursday, March 25, 2010

spring smoke

The last few nights I've been taking a break from the house work.  Just felt like getting some other things done and nothing done all at the same time.  Last night turned out to be a good break.  It was nice out so I figured the first trip of the year to Swenson's was in order.  After that, I swung by DQ to get a tasty treat (any other night it would have been Ro's). Our wonderful admin assistant at work suggested going there since the youth group from her church got a percentage of the proceeds from the evening sales.  I figured I would go support a good cause, and how could I turn down an excuse for a blizzard.  Luckily they weren't doing it at the Ducati dealership or I might have really had a good night.  Then driving back to the ranch I noticed the neighbors were starting a fire, so I pulled in and helped out. Well, it was more of a smokescreen across the road when I first saw it, but after a little work and a trip over here to get some nice dry wood out of the garage we got the fire going.  Kicked back and enjoyed the nice evening around the fire with some good friends.  Like I mentioned the other night, the best of city life and country life all so close, not a bad deal at all.  Its crazy how most of the things that were talked about and hoped for happening here are coming true...   it would be even sweeter if my best friend was here experiencing them with me...

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