Sunday, March 21, 2010

new moon

And you thought I was talking about that vampire movie. This weekend my good buddy helped me out with some wiring in the basement, most of which will be featured in a future post.  Part of the changes that were made allowed us to reroute the wiring for the pole light near the curb. This light hasn't been working properly since I arrived here.  Since it was a beautiful day outside we took some time to get the light working. After some trial and error we got everything operating and the old skool globe is back on!  The photocell even still works.  Of course we popped a CFL bulb in for some energy efficiency.  Now when you come down the street you will know to hang a left at the moon!  Adds a little curb appeal to the old place.  The light is on, I've been waiting for you, so come on over.

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