Thursday, March 18, 2010

location location location

One of the great things about this house is the lot.  especially when the weather is nice, like it has been recently.  In the middle of town its like you are in the country. You have all the amenities of pseudo city life surrounding you, yet the quiet and serenity of being miles outside of town. This is an incredible neighborhood for sure, and the mornings and evenings here are great.  You can hear birds chirping, see deer and another animals up close, and see the sunlight pass through the trees and dapple the yard.  Its also a great place to walk; inside the neighborhood there isn't much traffic and if you want, you can walk to get food or ice cream on a nice evening, pretty good deal.  I can imagine the barbecue's here with family and friends for sure.  I was just talking with a great friend tonight about the house and life right now, and definitely one of the positives is this location.  It is a location everyone agrees that doesn't get much better. If you haven't experienced it come on by, I'd be glad if you were here.

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