Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lightning and thunder

Well if you live anywhere near where the house is, last night was the first thunderstorm of 2010. Plenty of crazy lightning and booming thunder went on for quite some time last evening.   Some substantial pouring rain also came down. After helping out a great friend of mine with some computer issues I drove back to the house in the middle of the storm.  The lightning that pierced the clouds was incredible, it was blinding.  I definitely enjoy a good spring thunderstorm, its nice just listening to whats going on.  After I got inside I went to work on some photos for a friend and her boyfriend.  The thunderstorm was a good soundtrack in the background. Thankfully the house held up well, the winter didn't destroy my downspouts so all the water made it away from the house and didn't cause any issues.  It's amazing to me how certain things trigger memories, last night reminded me of good old apartment 5109F.  I remember plenty of spring and summer storms a couple years ago, laying down upstairs with the windows open, relaxing and falling asleep to the sound of the thunderstorm. Those were some great days, after the storm calmed down I couldn't help but to hit play on some JC...  "These are the days I've been missing..."

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