Wednesday, January 27, 2010

off the hook

Where do you hang your hat?  Or maybe your coat?  Well inside the door usually. Especially if you are just running right back out. So after removing the old hooks inside the back door the search was on for some new hooks.  Well I remembered seeing some sweet ones at Ikea the last time I was there.  My buddy was heading over so I had him pick me some up. Which I just remembered I never paid him for, I'll be doing that tomorrow.  The entry was repainted, just left the existing board for the time being so I didn't create a bigger project by removing it.  I finally got around to laying out the hooks and getting them mounted.  They are really pretty interesting, they look like a metal box on the wall, but then magically open to create a hook.  Really interesting design, nice and modern in appearance.  Next time you come by feel free to hang your coat, scarf, or hat on one.  Check out the pics after the jump!

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