Tuesday, October 6, 2009

basement trouble I

Well here it is.  The trouble, I didn't take some totally before pics because I got to carried away with demo, so during will have to do. Sorry for the quality of the first couple, the mobile device was used, the camera was offsite. The basement was completely finished, top to bottom, drywall ceiling, furred out walls with drywall, carpet and padding on the floor, insulation in everything. It was stained and smelled less than pleasing. All trimmed out with mouldings, baseboard, etc.  There was a large bar built by the basement stairs with a bar sink and shelving.   And to top it off a party shower was in progress!  This apparently was the party room. Well since then demolition has ensued. The insulation in the furred out walls was fiberglass batt, directly on the block walls. For those that don't know that is a problem, moisture coming through the block walls will eventually get into the fiberglass batt and make it moldy.  So the insulation needed to be removed, some of that had already started in places where moisture was prevalent.  These pics are after phase I demo.  More to come in phase II.


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