Wednesday, October 7, 2009

God's Creatures

This happened the other day..  Walking out the back door and see two does passing through the yard.  Had to snap a quick pic so the mobile device had to do. Of course I know people that want me to get a bow so I don't have to leave home to hunt.  Pretty amazing to see, I won't hurt them.  If it would have been a buck and a doe I probably would've started gathering the wood from the garage.   Genesis 6:19


  1. European beef producers have recently taken issue with the difficulty in competing with American beef. The argument is that American beef is subjected to copious amounts of synthetic growth hormone resulting in a bigger, bulkier cow with much more muscle. This means that Europeans get less meat from each head of cow which means stiffer competition when trying to keep up with exports. Many Europeans won’t even consider American beef for their dinner tables because the idea of hormones in cattle is ludicrous and considered unsafe.

    Now my name is not Joe Bob, I don’t have a camo 4-wheeler and my wardrobe is void of anything Realtree. But I do have a Mossberg 20 ga… and in consideration of the healthy benefits of wild game and the prospect of some delicious deer jerky – give me the green light –

  2. That's awesome Eric. It's pretty cool to see deer in the city, as long as they stay off the roads! Pretty good shot with a camera phone I must say.